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This initiative has been conceptualized to generate a dialogue on viral hepatitis in schools and universities of National Capital and major cities of India through awareness sessions, orations, performing arts, workshops, college cultural festivals, etc. 


  • Generate interest in the topic of viral hepatitis, amongst students and teachers fraternities (the target audience);
  • Promote clear messages to advocate respect and compassion for Persons Living with Hepatitis B and C, and the reduction of stigma and discrimination associated with Hepatitis B and C
  • Encourage this target audience to think out of the box on the subject to come up with innovative thoughts for oration, performing arts and cultural activities having EMPATHY as core theme;
  • Generating Media buzz and visibility on the project amongst the community & dialogue on the subject, which is the overall objective of the project Empathy;

The initiative will approach different educational institutions with structured and semi-structured adaptable activities that capture the imagination of the youth. While one arm of the initiative would engage youth in structured multi-tier symposiums and another arm would reach out to young adults by means of college cultural festivals themed around the EMPATHY Campaign.