The EMPATHY project will establish tie-ups to create awareness with various events in major cities around the country like Sporting events like Marathons, Cyclothon’s, Music Concerts, Cultural Festivals, Book Festivals, etc.

These tie ups will encourage harnessing support and endorsement by various celebrities, artists, sports persons, various influential persons attending/performing/promoting/endorsing these various events.  The events’ audience becomes aware of the brand and its cause due constant hammering of the message through branding by posters, banners, standees, videos and on-stage integrations. This will also lead in getting space on event’s social media space along with content generation for projects social media handles along with generating mass media coverage.

The EMPATHY Campaign will create merchandise like T-Shirts, Caps, Pens, Mugs, Diaries with varied awareness messages on Hepatitis B & C. These can be distributed in various call to action events, online and along with giving as gifts to various high-profile dignitaries.