Empathy Resource Centre (ERC): An ERC will be established in the Department of Public Health at the Institute of Liver and Biliary

Sciences (ILBS) as a Secretariat for the Empathy Project and will be responsible for

(i) identifying key stakeholder organizations and individuals working for hepatitis in India and reviewing their mandate for alignment, if invited to join the Empathy Network (see below); (ii) enrolling members into the Network through strategic communication and liaison with stakeholders/ their representatives; (iii) doing a periodic policy-program environment scan for relevant campaigns, initiatives and communication materials; (iv) mapping stakeholders and platforms for targeting the behaviour change package; (v) managing all public relations and communications for the Empathy Project; (vi) providing/ arranging technical assistance to individuals, families or organizations for screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation (medical, social, occupational, educational, legal);

(vii) provide secretarial assistance to all processes and proceedings related to the project.