January 2015

Is hepatitis C subtyping still relevant in the era of direct-acting antiviral therapy?

Mohammed EslamJacob George Pages 5-8

How to achieve immune control in chronic hepatitis B?

Margo J. H. van CampenhoutHarry L. A. Janssen Pages 9-16

Clinical significance of circulating miR-122 in patients with dual chronic hepatitis B and C virus infection

Huei-Ru ChengJia-Horng KaoHui-Lin WuTai-Chung Tseng… Pages 35-42

Reimbursement policies in the Asia-Pacific for chronic hepatitis B

Seng Gee LimDeepak N. AmarapurkarHenry Lik-Yuen Chan… Pages 43-51

HCV genotype 1 subtypes (1a and 1b): similarities and differences in clinical features and therapeutic outcome

A comparative study of patients’ knowledge about hepatitis C in the United States and in urban and rural China

Elizabeth WuXisui ChenZhe GuanClaudia CaoHuiying Rao… Pages 58-66

Prognostic effect of response to interferon therapy after laparoscopic splenectomy among patients with marked thrombocytopenia and hepatitis C virus-related cirrhosis

Hideyuki TamaiYoshiyuki MoriNaoki ShingakiRyo Shimizu… Pages 67-75

High sustained virological response to pegylated interferon and ribavirin for recurrent genotype 3 hepatitis C infection post-liver transplantation

Nabiha FaisalKhalid MumtazMax MarquezEberhard L. Renner… Pages 76-83

April 2015

Sofosbuvir for treatment of chronic hepatitis C

Sarah KattakuzhyRachel LevyShyam Kottilil Pages 161-173

Management of post transplant hepatitis C in the direct antiviral agents era

Audrey CoillyBruno RocheJean-Charles Duclos-Vallée… Pages 192-201

Long-term use of methotrexate does not result in hepatitis B reactivation in rheumatologic patients

Charlie LaohapandEmvalee ArromdeeTawesak Tanwandee  Pages 202-208

High rate of core promoter and precore mutations in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Sumbella F. BaqaiJames ProudfootDebbie H. Yi… Pages 209-217

Preemptive adefovir versus lamivudine for prevention of hepatitis B reactivation in chronic hepatitis B patients undergoing chemotherapy

Edith Y. HoThomas YauFranck RousseauE. Jenny Heathcote… Pages 224-230

Adipocytokines and liver fibrosis stages in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection

Ching-Sheng HsuWei-Liang LiuYou-Chen Chao… Pages 231-242

Long-term clinical outcomes in cirrhotic chronic hepatitis B patients treated with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate for up to 5 years

Maria ButiScott FungEdward GaneNezam H. Afdhal… Pages 243-250

Influence of IFNL3.rs12979860 and IFNL4.ss469415590 polymorphism on clearance of hepatitis C virus infection among Egyptians

Susanne KnappZainab ZakariaMohamed HashemHassan Zaghla

July 2015

Anti-viral therapy in hepatitis B virus reactivation with acute-on-chronic liver failure

Man-Fung Yuen Pages 373-377

A review of the burden of hepatitis C virus infection in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

Heather BennettNathalie WaserKarissa Johnston… Pages 378-390

Acute kidney injury in hepatitis B-related acute-on-chronic liver failure without preexisting liver cirrhosis

Zuxiong HuangChun LinJiankai FangNing WangRui Zhou… Pages 416-423

HCV NS5A resistance-associated variants in a group of real-world Japanese patients chronically infected with HCV genotype 1b

Yosuke HirotsuTatsuo KandaHiroshi Matsumura… Pages 424-430

Sustained virologic response to standard interferon or pegylated interferon and ribavirin in patients with hepatitis C virus genotype 5: systematic review and meta-analysis of ten studies and 423 patients

Pardha DevakiDavid JencksBrittany E. YeeMindie H. Nguyen  Pages 431-437

October 2015

Features of hepatitis C virus infection, current therapies and ongoing clinical trials in ten Asian Pacific countries

Masao OmataTatsuo KandaOsamu YokosukaDarrell Crawford… Pages 486-507

Response-guided therapy of regimens based on PEG-interferon for chronic hepatitis B using on-treatment hepatitis B surface antigen quantification: a meta-analysis

Hong PengFang WeiJun-Ying LiuHuai-Dong HuHong Ren… Pages 543-557

Performance of transient elastography assessing fibrosis of single hepatitis B virus infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis of a diagnostic test

Xueying XuYang SuRuixiang SongYang ShengWensi Ai… Pages 558-566

Predicting clinical outcomes in patients with HBsAg-positive chronic hepatitis

Myron John TongThatcher Thi HuynhSurachate Siripongsakun… Pages 567-577

Interferon-α plus ribavirin yields 98 % sustained virologic response in children aged 1–5 years with iatrogenic chronic hepatitis C

Shi-Shu ZhuQing-Lei ZengYi DongZhi-Qiang XuLi-Min Wang… Pages 578-585

Deregulation of microRNA expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with HCV-related malignancies

Alessia PilusoLaura GragnaniElisa FognaniElena Grandini… Pages 586-593

January 2016

Asian-Pacific clinical practice guidelines on the management of hepatitis B: a 2015 update

K. SarinM. KumarG. K. LauZ. AbbasH. L. Y. Chan… Pages 1-98

Looking into the crystal ball: biomarkers for outcomes of HBV infection

Hung-Chih YangJia-Horng Kao  Pages 99-101

Need to improve awareness and management of hepatitis B reactivation in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy

Man-Fung Yuen  Pages 102-105

Late liver function test abnormalities post-adult liver transplantation: a review of the etiology, investigation, and management

Oscar MitchellArif M. CosarMohammad U. MalikAhmet Gurakar  Pages 106-114

Role of serum hepatitis B virus marker quantitation to differentiate natural history phases of HBV infection

Li WangZhi-Qiang ZouKai WangJi-Guang YuXiang-Zhong Liu  Pages 133-138

Admissions for hepatitis B reactivation in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy remain unchanged from 1999 to 2014

Arpan PatelSuna YapaliAnna S. F. Lok Pages 139-146 

Aligning to the sample-specific reference sequence to optimize the accuracy of next-generation sequencing analysis for hepatitis B virus

Wen-Chun LiuChih-Peng LinChun-Pei ChengCheng-Hsun Ho… Pages 147-157

March 2016

Oral antiviral therapy reduces the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in persons with chronic hepatitis B infection: combining evidence and common sense

Yuanyuan KongHong YouJidong Jia Pages 239-241

Daclatasvir-containing all-oral regimens for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection

Sheng-Shun YangJia-Horng KaoPages 258-266

Advances in therapeutics for chronic hepatitis B

Ninghan YangAntonio BertolettiPages 277-285

Efficacy and resistance to telbivudine treatment in chronic hepatitis B patients with favorable predictors: a multicenter study in Taiwan

Chia-Chi WangChih-Lin LinTsai-Yuan HsiehKuo-Chih Tseng… Pages 294-301

Tenofovir rescue therapy in chronic hepatitis B patients who failed previous nucleoside analogue treatment

Dorota KozielewiczWaldemar HalotaMagdalena Wietlicka-Piszcz Pages 302-309

High adherence to all-oral directly acting antiviral HCV therapy among an inner-city patient population in a phase 2a study

Tess PetersenKerry TownsendLori A. Gordon…Pages 310-319

Effects of long-term entecavir treatment on the incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic hepatitis B patients

Takao WatanabeYoshio TokumotoKouji JokoKojiro Michitaka…Pages 320-327

May 2016

Prevention and management of hepatitis B virus reactivation in cancer patients

Ka-Shing CheungWai-Kay SetoChing-Lung LaiMan-Fung YuenPages 407-414

Hepatitis C virus as a systemic disease: reaching beyond the liver

Kirat GillHasmik GhazinianRichard ManchRobert GishPages 415-423

Advances in the management of HIV/HCV coinfection

Mattias MandorferPhilipp SchwablSebastian Steiner…Pages 424-435

The effect of plasma exchange on entecavir-treated chronic hepatitis B patients with hepatic de-compensation and acute-on-chronic liver failure

Wan Yue-MengLi-Hong YangJin-Hui YangYing XuJing Yang…Pages 462-469

Males seropositive for hepatitis B surface antigen are at risk of lower bone mineral density: the 2008–2010 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys

Myong Ki BaegSeung Kew YoonSun-Hye KoKyung-Do Han…Pages 470-477

Ritonavir-boosted danoprevir-based regimens in treatment-naive and prior null responders with HCV genotype 1 or 4 and compensated cirrhosis

Edward J. GaneRégine RouzierTarek Hassanein…Pages 478-487

July 2016

iNKT cells in chronic HBV: a balancing act

Maike HofmannRobert ThimmePages 535-537

HBV culture and infectious systems

Nelson HayesKazuaki ChayamaPages 559-566

Hepatitis B virus receptors and molecular drug targets

Eloi R. VerrierChe C. ColpittsCamille Sureau…Pages 567-573

Prevention of hepatitis B virus-associated liver diseases by antiviral therapy

Akinobu TawadaTatsuo KandaFumio ImazekiOsamu YokosukaPages 574-593

The dynamic changes of circulating invariant natural killer T cells during chronic hepatitis B virus infection

Man LiZhen-Hua ZhouXue-Hua SunXin ZhangXiao-Jun Zhu…Pages 594-601

Will a second biopsy sample affect treatment decisions in patients with chronic hepatitis B?

Fuat Ekizİlhami YukselAta Turker ArikökBaris Yilmaz…Pages 602-605

Association between hepatitis B virus basal core promoter/precore region mutations and the risk of hepatitis B-related acute-on-chronic liver failure in the Chinese population: an updated meta-analysis

Xueyuan NianZhihui XuYan LiuJianhong ChenXiaodong Li…Pages 606-615

Examining the clinical course of genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C patients treated with the cosmos regimen: including patients with advanced liver disease and East Asian ancestry

Marina RoytmanResham RamkissoonChristina WuLeena Hong…Pages 616-623

Is response guided therapy dead? Low cure rates in patients with detectable hepatitis C virus at week 4 of treatment

Karla ThorntonPaulina DemingRichard A. ManchAnn Moore…Pages 624-631

September 2016

APASL consensus statements and recommendations for hepatitis C prevention, epidemiology, and laboratory testing

Masao OmataTatsuo KandaLai WeiMing-Lung Yu…Pages 681-701

APASL consensus statements and recommendation on treatment of hepatitis C

Masao OmataTatsuo KandaLai WeiMing-Lung Yu…Pages 702-726

HBsAg loss in chronic hepatitis B: pointers to the benefits of curative therapy

Geoffrey DusheikoBo WangIvana CareyPages 727-729

Hepatitis C virus cell entry: a target for novel antiviral strategies to address limitations of direct acting antivirals

Che C. ColpittsThomas F. BaumertPages 741-748

Management of post liver transplantation recurrent hepatitis C infection with directly acting antiviral drugs: a review

Dinesh JothimaniSanjay GovilMohamed RelaPages 749-761

Entecavir plus tenofovir combination therapy for chronic hepatitis B in patients with previous nucleos(t)ide treatment failure

Fabien ZoulimJolanta Białkowska-Warzecha…Pages 779-788

Twelve-week ribavirin-free direct-acting antivirals for treatment-experienced Chinese with HCV genotype 1b infection including cirrhotic patients

Dong JiGuo-Feng ChenCheng WangYu-Dong WangQing Shao…Pages 789-798

HBsAg loss in a New Zealand community study with 28-year follow-up: rates, predictors and long-term outcomes

Tien Huey LimEdward GaneChris MoyesBarry Borman…Pages 829-837

November 2016

Hepatitis B virus genotypes: epidemiological and clinical relevance in Asia

Qiuju TianJidong JiaPages 854-860

Hepatitis C genotype 3 disease

Sarah KattakuzhyRachel LevyElana RosenthalLydia Tang… Pages 861-870

Functionally aberrant dendritic cell subsets and expression of DC-SIGN differentiate acute from chronic HBV infection

Sukriti SukritiNirupma TrehanpatiManoj Kumar… Pages 916-923

Cost-effectiveness analysis of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate for treatment of chronic hepatitis B in China

Weixia KeChi ZhangLi LiuYanhui GaoZhenjiang Yao… Pages 924-936

Elevated hepatic lipid and interferon stimulated gene expression in HCV GT3 patients relative to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

Shikha ShrivastavaEric G. MeissnerEmily FunkSeerat Poonia… Pages 937-946

A phase IIIb study of ledipasvir/sofosbuvir fixed-dose combination tablet in treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced Korean patients chronically infected with genotype 1 hepatitis C virus

Young-Suk LimSang Hoon AhnKwan Sik LeeSeung Woon Paik…Pages 947-955

Serial measurement of Wisteria floribunda agglutinin positive Mac-2-binding protein is useful for predicting liver fibrosis and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic hepatitis C patients treated with IFN-based and IFN-free therapy

Hiroko NagataMina NakagawaYuki Nishimura-SakuraiYu Asano…Pages 956-964

Correlates of disease-specific knowledge among patients with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection in India

Aracely TamayoSamir R. ShahShobna BhatiaAbhijit Chowdhury

Jan 2017

Hepatitis B reactivation in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy: a hidden menace

Chih-Lin LinJia-Horng Kao

Interferon-free treatment for HCV-infected patients with decompensated cirrhosis

Tatsuo Kanda

Molecular mechanisms of HBeAg in persistent HBV infection

Li-Min ChenXue-Gong FanJing MaBo HeYong-Fang Jiang

HBV reactivation risk factors in patients with chronic HBV infection with low replicative state and resolved HBV infection undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Korea

Chung Hwan JunBan Suk KimChan Young OakDu Hyeon Lee

Hepatitis B virus infection in children of HBV-related chronic liver disease patients: a study of intra-familial HBV transmission

Hartono GunardiMelanie Y. IskandarTuryadiSusan I. Ie

March 2017

Elbasvir/grazoprevir for treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection

Chandana PapudesuShyamasundaran KottililShashwatee Ba

Sofosbuvir/velpatasvir: a pangenotypic drug to simplify HCV therapy

Rebecca LeeShyam KottililEleanor Wilson

Virus-induced hepatocellular carcinoma with special emphasis on HBV

Ming WangDong XiQin Ning

Efficacy and safety of daclatasvir plus pegylated-interferon alfa 2a and ribavirin in previously untreated HCV subjects coinfected with HIV and HCV genotype-1: a Phase III, open-label study

Mark S. SulkowskiWalford J. FesselAdriano Lazzarin

May 2017

HCV management in resource-constrained countries

Seng Gee Lim

Subcirrhotic liver stiffness by FibroScan correlates with lower risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with HBV-related cirrhosis

Mi Young JeonHye Won LeeSeung Up KimJa Yoon Heo

Treatment of chronic hepatitis C genotype 3 with Sofosbuvir-based therpy: a real-life study

Sandeep Singh SidhuNirmaljeet Singh MalhiOmesh Goya

A simple bedside blood test (Fibrofast; FIB-5) is superior to FIB-4 index for the differentiation between non-significant and significant fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C

  1. ShihaS. SeifA. EldesokyM. ElbasionyR. Soliman

July 2017

Current progress in host innate and adaptive immunity against hepatitis C virus infection

Jijing ShiYuanyuan LiWenxian ChangXuexiu Zhang

Safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of a single ascending dose of pradefovir, a novel liver-targeting, anti-hepatitis B virus drug, in healthy Chinese subjects

Yanhua DingHong ZhangXiaojiao LiCuiyun LiGuiling Chen

Noninvasive serum models to predict significant liver related events in chronic hepatitis C

Ragesh Babu ThandasserySaad Al KaabiMadiha E. Soofi

September 2017

Functional restoration of CD56bright NK cells facilitates immune control via IL-15 and NKG2D in patients under antiviral treatment for chronic hepatitis B

Tao ChenLin ZhuAichao ShiLin DingXiaoping Zhang

Risk of hepatitis B reactivation in HBsAg-negative/HBcAb-positive patients with undetectable serum HBV DNA after treatment with rituximab for lymphoma: a meta-analysis

Zilin TangXiaodong LiShunquan WuYan LiuYan Qiao

Ledipasvir/sofosbuvir without ribavirin is effective in the treatment of recurrent hepatitis C virus infection post-liver transplant

Mohamed ShoreibahJordan OrrDeAnn JonesJie Zhang

A cinnamon-derived procyanidin type A compound inhibits hepatitis C virus cell entry

Catherine FauvelleMelanie LambotinLaura Heydmann

November 2017

Viral factors for HBV mother-to-child transmission

James S. ParkCalvin Q. Pan

Mother-to-infant transmission of hepatitis B virus: challenges and perspectives

Yi-Fen ShihChun-Jen Liu

Hepatitis B virus: virology, molecular biology, life cycle and intrahepatic spread

Scenarios to manage the hepatitis C disease burden and associated economic impact of treatment in Turkey

Necati ÖrmeciSimten Malhanİsmail BalıkGül Ergör

January 2018

Autoantibody to apolipoprotein A-1 in hepatitis C virus infection: a role in atherosclerosis?

Simon H. BridgeSabrina PaganoMeleri JonesGraham R. Foster

March 2018

Prevention of mother-to-child transmission: the key of hepatitis B virus elimination

Chih-Lin LinJia-Horng Kao

The preS deletion of hepatitis B virus (HBV) is associated with liver fibrosis progression in patients with chronic HBV infection

Fan LiXiaodong LiTao YanYan LiuYongqian Cheng

Safety and efficacy of lamivudine or telbivudine started in early pregnancy for mothers with active chronic hepatitis B

Tianyu HeYuqing BaiHaodong CaiXiaojuan OuMin Liu

Ledipasvir/sofosbuvir for treatment-naive and treatment-experienced Chinese patients with genotype 1 HCV: an open-label, phase 3b study

Lai WeiQing XieJin Lin HouHong TangQin NingJun Cheng

Efficacy and safety of ledipasvir/sofosbuvir for genotype 1b chronic hepatitis C patients with moderate renal impairment

Tomomi OkuboMasanori AtsukawaAkihito Tsubota

High prevalence of HCV (GT4)-related TSH abnormality among 13402 Egyptian patients treated with direct acting antiviral therapy

Rasha EletrebyMohamed SaidZeinab AbdellatifYasmin Saad

Effect of achieving sustained virological response before hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma occurrence on survival and recurrence after curative surgical microwave ablation

Tomoki RyuYuko TakamiYoshiyuki WadaMasaki Tateishi

May 2018

Glecaprevir/pibrentasvir expands reach while reducing cost and duration of hepatitis C virus therapy

Ameer AbutalebShyam KottililEleanor Wilson

Platelets’ increase is associated with improvement of liver fibrosis in entecavir-treated chronic hepatitis B patients with significant liver fibrosis

Lin WangBingqiong WangHong YouXiaoning WuJialing Zhou

Safety and effectiveness of daclatasvir and asunaprevir dual therapy in patients with genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C: results from postmarketing surveillance in Japan

Fumitaka SuzukiNaoya HatanakaEtsuya BandoKoji Nakamura

July 2018

Hepatitis C virus genotype 4-infection and interferon-free treatment in Egypt

Tatsuo KandaShunichi MatsuokaMitsuhiko Moriyama

Depression, fatigue and neurocognitive deficits in chronic hepatitis C

Sern Wei YeohAlex C. N. HolmesMichael M. Saling

Global HBV burden: guesstimates and facts

Dina GinzbergRobert J. WongRobert GishPages 315-329 

Impact of viral hepatitis B status on outcomes of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: a meta-analysis

Seogsong JeongGuijuan LuoZhi-Heng WangMeng ShaLei Chen…Pages 330-338 

Sofosbuvir plus Daclatasvir with or without ribavirin for treatment of chronic HCV genotype 4 patients: real-life experience

ShihaR. SolimanM. ElBasionyA. A. Hassan… Pages 339-347 

Efficacy and safety of sofosbuvir plus daclatasvir with or without ribavirin: large real-life results of patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 4

Adel Abdel-MoneimAlaa AboudMohamed Abdel-Gabaar… Pages 348-355

Sofosbuvir–velpatasvir plus ribavirin in Japanese patients with genotype 1 or 2 hepatitis C who failed direct-acting antivirals

Namiki IzumiTetsuo TakeharaKazuaki Chayama… Pages 356-367

September 2018

Fatty liver checkmates hepatitis B virus

Gayatri RamakrishnaNirupma Trehanpati  Pages 387-389 

Clinical implication and viral mutation in basal core promoter/pre-core of hepatitis B virus C/D recombinant

Hua LiQilu SheYu LiuYuehe DingShenghua ShiJijie Li… Pages 447-455 

Multiple doses of hepatitis B recombinant vaccine for chronic hepatitis B patients with low surface antigen levels: a pilot study

Ming-Wei LaiChao-Wei HsuChih-Lang LinRong-Nan Chien… Pages 456-464 

 Tolerable and curable treatment in HIV/HCV co-infected patients using anti-HCV direct antiviral agents: a real-world observation in China

Yuanyuan LiLinghua LiJun LiuDa-Wei ZhangFang Zhao… Pages 465-473

A changing paradigm: management and treatment of the HCV/HIV-co-infected patient

Ameer AbutalebKenneth E. ShermanPages 500-509

Hepatitis B-positive health-care workers: why they should not switch to non-exposure-prone jobs

Ankur Jindal Pages 520-522