Under the The Empathy Campaign project, ILBS has initiated the I Pledge(my support) activity to spread awareness on Viral Hepatitis. The main aim of I Pledge(my support) activity is to reach to large influential public and private sector offices and generate awareness amongst them on Hepatitis B & C and use them people as advocates to create a ripple effect in the society about prevention of viral hepatitis B & C.

The key aspect of this initiative would be to explain to the audience that by very simple precautions and low cost awareness they could be protected against viral hepatitis, and to use their support in spreading this simple message in their social circles. Under this campaign, awareness camps are held at the premises of professional organizations/bodies and sensitizing for their staff is organized, and encourage them to PLEDGE THEIR SUPPORT, for spreading awareness about viral hepatitis, and to contribute in prevention and early management of viral hepatitis through Hepatitis B vaccination and screening for Hepatitis B & C

On 3rd January 2019, I Pledge…(my support) event will be held at AAI, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, New Delhi. Dr. S.K. Sarin, Director, ILBS will generate awareness on viral hepatitis and the chairman of AAI, Shri. Guruprasad Mohapatra ji will address the audience to come forward for Hepatitis B and C screening and vaccination against Hepatitis B. Shri Guruprasad ji will launch the I Pledge….. (My support) campaign by signing the pledge card. Following this the AAI staff will also pledge for the cause.

ILBS medical and para medical staff will ensure free screening and vaccination of all the AAI staffs who volunteer to come forward.

It is expected that this event will help to create a dialogue within the AAI community and their families on Viral Hepatitis B and C and to care and support all those infected with the disease, be it home, work place or society at large.